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About inSophy:

inSophy focuses on optimizing and improving production planning. Thanks to the know-how in the fields of mathematics, software engineering and business modeling, we developed an optimizing system inPlan, belonging to the APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) technology.

What is a sophisticated production planner inPlan?

Software inPlan is a modern tool for optimization of production planning and management of production queues. In manufacturing companies, it provides a stable plan, responds flexibly to changes, and offers agreement between the business and manufacturing element.

What can a sophisticated planner do?

  • produce 10% more using the same capacity
  • promise to meet deadlines in 99% of cases
  • shorten the lead-time by 30%
"With the inPlan system, we can respond to tomorrow's problems. inPlan can design hundreds variants of production, which human planner coudn’t ever do. But most of all: we are able to plan and produce higher production." Jiří Škoda, process improver
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